Privacy Policy

When you register at Embedded Solutions, contact us via a form or download materials from our website(s), we will ask for your personal data. With this privacy policy we would like to tell you for what purposes we do this and why we believe we have a legitimate interest in doing so. This policy is in line with the new guidelines according to the GDPR and applies to all activities of Embedded Solutions. Embedded Solutions is responsible for the processing of these data. We are located at Jozef Israëlslaan 2 -48, 5642 KA Eindhoven. If you still have questions after reading, please contact us via

privacy statement

1. Privacy safeguards

Safeguarding the privacy and data of our visitors is very important to us. That is why we ensure that your data is protected and guarded against misuse and unauthorized parties. Embedded Solutions retains your data as long as the data is relevant for the purposes described in points 3, 4 and 5.

2. Right of complaint

If, despite our guarantees, you are dissatisfied with the way we handle your personal data, please contact our service desk at or by phone: +31(0) 40 8200 253. In addition, you are free to file a complaint with the Dutch Personal Data Authority.

3. What do we use your personal data for?

We use the data to react to your inquiries, to inform you about our product range, to improve our relevant services and to enable the proper experience of our website. For example, you can (automatically) fill in registration forms, create inquiries, plan meetings and send online newsletters and/or post (after permission has been granted) et cetera.

4. What personal data do we collect and process?

Among other things, we collect and process the following personal data:

  • Your first and last name: we attach great value to personal communication. That is why we ask for your first and last name. For marketing purposes, we use your name to address you personally.
  • Your email address: we ask your email address to communicate with you about the progress of for example requests. In addition, we will send you your e-tickets or invoice here and/or keep you informed of our activities (after permission has been granted).
  • Telephone number: we ask for your telephone number to contact you if you have any questions.
  • Company name and address: we ask the (invoice) address of your company to send any correspondence by post. Think for example of an invoice or the sending of a testimonial / reference. In addition, we use your company name for administrative reasons.
  • VAT number: we ask for your VAT number for tax processing and to verify whether or not a company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. We do this because we find it important to communicate with a registered legal person/organization.
  • Main activity of your company, interests, job title: we ask for the main activity of your branch to make the (marketing) communication with you and your organization as targeted as possible.
  • Company size: we ask for the branch size to get a picture of our customers and to make the (marketing) communication with you and your organization as targeted as possible.
  • Preferred date and location for a meeting: we ask for a preferred date for meetings to ensure that date matches your preference as closely as possible.

5. How do we collect your personal data?

We collect personal data offline as well as online in order to correct our activities and to improve our services and/or marketing activities. Offline we do this for example when you give us a business card and we then process your data in the system. In addition, we process data that you leave behind on our website or when you register for an event on site. (and other Embedded Solutions registered (sub)domains) places cookies with website visitors. We do this to collect information about the pages users visit on our website, to keep track of how often visitors return and to optimize pages. We also keep track of what information the browser shares. We do this online using the following tools and cookies:

  • Google Analytics keeps track of the use of our website(s) so that we can optimize them. Think of page visits, behavior and conversion tracking. The data collected here is not traceable and therefore anonymous.
  • Google Adwords  records the number of visits and conversions as a result of campaigns. In addition, this cookie keeps track of which pages are visited so that relevant advertisements are shown on external websites. The data collected here is not traceable and therefore anonymous.
  • Linkedin analytics and Linkedin ads Linkedin analytics records traffic from our Linkedin accounts and posts to our website(s). In the case of advertisements, this cookie tracks whether actions such as subscriptions have taken place.
  • Act-On: Act-On is a marketing automation tool that helps us apply profiling to individuals who have identified themselves to us through their email address and ip-address. We apply profiling to individuals who have identified themselves through their email address and associated IP address. The profile that is created consists of personal and role-based data and web visit and click behavior. The personal information we may collect from individuals is information provided to us by answering questions in a form or through interactive content, such as a test. We apply profiling in order to provide our (commercial) communication as targeted as possible and, if possible, at the right time. This helps us to make our services even better. If you do not want us to apply profiling to you, please let us know by sending a request to

If you have not made yourself known through an email address, we will keep your information anonymous. This is not linked to any other personal information. You can choose to disable cookies. You do this by using the capabilities of your browser. You can find more information about these options on the website of the provider of your browser.

6. Processing of personal data

Only authorized employees have access to personal data. We overcome this with a rights structure per system and the use of complex, changing passwords per system. We do not sell your data to third parties for commercial purposes. If you are not yet a customer of ours, we will only use your data for marketing purposes with your explicit consent.

7. Images and video

Photos and videos are taken at our events for reporting and registration purposes. You may therefore be captured on photos or videos that are used by us during and after the event.

8. Right of access / rectification / deletion of personal data

Are you a client of Embedded Solutions and would you like to see what personal information about you is known to us? Then you can make use of your right of inspection. If your personal information is not correct, you can ask Embedded Solutions to adjust this information and remove it where necessary. If you wish, you can object to the processing or request that the processing be restricted or that data be transferred.

If you wish to exercise these rights, please send a letter to Embedded Solutions, customer service department, Jozef Israëlslaan 2 -48, 5642 KA Eindhoven or e-mail to

9. You can change your preferences regarding marketing communications yourself:

10. Other

Your personal data is protected against misuse and access by unauthorized persons through the most recent and proven techniques kept up-to-date by Embedded Solutions. We do everything in our power to ensure and achieve this.

11. Notification of data leaks

Embedded Solutions adheres to the Mandatory Notification data breach guidelines as laid down by the Dutch Personal Data Authority under the url: This means that we first determine the seriousness of the report on the basis of the guidelines and, if necessary, file a report with the Personal Data Authority. We also inform all parties involved and interested parties in a timely manner about the data breach and the actions taken.

Embedded Solutions has the right to change the content of this privacy policy where necessary. We advise you to read this policy regularly so that you are aware of these changes. The last change took place on: September 22, 2020.